To ensure there is plenty of space in the vehicle for each traveler’s luggage, we have to place some restrictions on how many and what size bags everyone brings on Tesloop Shuttle.

Luggage allowance for each traveler: 1 medium size suitcase + 2 personal items

For reference: 

  • Medium sized suitcase can be a bit larger than what you would use as carry-on and stow in the overhead compartment of an airplane, maximum 30" L x 18" W x 12" D inches. 
  • Personal items are similar to what you would keep with you at your seat on an airplane. Examples would be a backpack, purse or laptop cases, brief case, etc. 
  • Bags must be less than 55 lbs total for each traveler.

If you have oversized or additional luggage, such as 1 large suitcase or a set of golf clubs, you will need to purchase one extra seat in the 3rd row of our Tesla so we can accommodate all passenger luggage comfortably. However, this extra seat can be used to store multiple items or can be shared between multiple individuals within the party.

For example, if you are a party of 2 with 1 piece of large luggage each, you will only need to purchase one seat in the third row of the vehicle. If you have more that 1 large luggage per person or think you have a lot of luggage in general please call us at 818-330-6446.